JavaScript Testing Recipes

JavaScript Testing Recipes

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What readers are saying

JavaScript Testing Recipes is both a thorough introduction into the field as well as a practitioner’s handbook that makes for a great reference to keep close by. After reading the book, I can now build test harnesses with confidence.

Jan Lehnardt Jan Lehnardt – CouchDB and Hoodie author and JSConf.eu organiser

JavaScript Testing Recipes is an indispensable guide to designing and testing JavaScript code in every major environment the language now reaches. Its calm, clear, practical advice and comprehensive example code have already saved me hours of frustration by explaining exactly what to do, exactly how to do it, and (crucially) exactly why.

Tom Stuart Tom Stuart – author of Understanding Computation

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Buy now – £19

Product information

JavaScript Testing Recipes is for anyone looking to improve the quality of the JavaScript they write. It explains how to create applications from modular components that can be easily tested to make sure they work – now, and in the future.

It covers the full spectrum of problem domains we use JavaScript for today, including chapters on programming in the browser, building server-side apps and command-line programs.

In this book, you will learn how to:

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